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Welcome to the South Eastern side of Mortimer Forest.

De-boxing area for horses at Blackpool car park Mortimer Forestry. West Midlands FDThis car park is protected by height restriction barriers (7'/2.1m).

There parking spaces for disabled users and two picnic tables with easy access in a pleasant glade to one side of the car park.

The Black Pool Loop

A 1.5mile trail taking in the Haye Park Wood area of the Forest starts from this car park.

 Horse Riding in the Forest 

We have parking facilities for horse boxes and a deboxing area in this car park. Riders will need to purchase a key for the height restriction barriers (7'/2.1m) from the Forest Office.  Contact us on 01584 813826 or via the email address below.

Other trails in Mortimer Forest ......

The Whitcliffe Loop

Starting from Whitcliffe Car park

Vinnalls Easy Access

A surfaced trail suitable for mobility scooters and pushchairs

The Vinnalls Loop

A climb up to the stunning views of High Vinnalls from the Vinnalls car park.

The Climbing Jack Trail

A nine mile route which incorporates most of the Forest.

Black Pool Loop
  • Moderate
A Forestry Commission way marked walking trail in Mortimer Forest near Ludlow.
Chieftains Walk
  • Hard
A walking trail at Bury Ditches, a Forestry Commission Woodland near Bishops Castle.
Climbing Jack Trail
  • Moderate
A 9 mile waymarked taril throgh Mortimer Forest, a Forestry Commission Forest near Ludlow.
Corbett Easy Access Trail
  • Easy
A surfaced, easy access walk On Haughmond Hill near Shrewsbury.
Druids Walk
  • Hard
Walking trail at Bury Ditches, a Forestry Commission Woodland near Clun.
Easy Access Trail
  • Easy
An easy access trail in Mortimer Forest, a Forestry Commission Forest close to Ludlow.
Geo Trail
  • Easy
Surfaced Walking trail at Haughmond Hill, a Forestry Commission Woodland close to Shrewsbury.
Henrys Hike
  • Moderate
A walking trail on Haughmond Hill, a Forestry Commission woodland close to Shrewsbury.
Vinnalls Loop
  • Hard
A waymarked walking trail in Mortimer Forest, a Forestry Commission Forest near Ludlow.
Wapley Hill Trail
  • Moderate
A waymarked trail in a Forestry Commission Woodland in North Herefordshire.
Whitcliffe Loop
  • Moderate
A waymarked trail in Mortimer Forest, a Forestry Commission Forest close to Ludlow.
Wilfreds Walk
  • Moderate
A Walking Trail on Haughmond Hill, a Forestry Commission Woodland near Shrewsbury.

What do other visitors say?

Well thank you for looking at that. Wait until the autumn rains get on that churned up track (the grader may make it level again but it does not re-compact it.) I invite you to walk the main track between November and April. I don't need another reply, if there is no money to do anything then so be it, I understand that and sympathise with the difficult job you are trying to do with little funding. But please don't tell me I am incorrect, it was commonly discussed in the community last winter and any regular user of the BlackPool forest end will know exactly what I am saying. The woodpecker rally is ill-timed and it is the regular users and supporters of the forest who suffer for it.

Anonymous, 5/Oct/2016

Thank you for replying to my previous comments. I dont agree with the implication that the forest is free and therefore users shouldnt expect anything. Firstly to any taxpayer the forest isnt free, and secondly the 1968 countryside act specifically recognises forests as existing for the purposes of recreation amongst other things. I know you have a tough job with few financial resources available and I accept mud in winter, but the main track should still be passable if the minor routes are not, and last winter this was not the case. The rally comes at the wrong time, the tracks cannot recover before the autumn rains come. The grader does not solve this, it makes no difference to people on foot. Judging by the state of the tracks now I assume we are in for another winter of no access. This forest is part of my community and I cant even share it with my children (too much dog excrement for it to be safe.) Last winter it was shocking.

Anonymous, 4/Oct/2016

I strongly disagree that there is 'no access' to the forest. We have today looked at the Black Pool Loop, which is what we assumed you meant by the main track. All of it is easily passable on foot, as long as the visitor is wearing suitable footwear, including the forest road sections. We plan to improve the section from the car park to the camp after the planned forestry operations are complete in that area over the winter. The rally only goes on the surfaced forest roads which is then repaired so are certainly passable all through the winter. I'm sorry, I don't understand why you are describing these as impassable on foot. Mortimer Forest offers five waymarked walking trails including a fully surfaced, easy access trail from the Vinnalls car park.

Forestry Commission Response
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I live nearby and have a lot of love for the forest, but I get fed up with how little it is cared for. In winter there is nowhere for me to walk or run, the small trails are just mud meaning you have to stick to the main tracks, however some bright spark decided it was a good idea to let rally cars use the forest at the end of every summer. So the main tracks are churned up and impossible to walk on for the whole of winter. Leaving people on foot with... nothing. Nowhere to go. Last winter the usable track became so narrow that it was just a corridor of dog excrement as everyone was using the same narrow path.

Dog owners are a disgrace, dog excrement everywhere, mostly because people leave their dogs off leads and don't even know where they are crapping. And no it is not ok for your dog to run up to me while I am running, or bothering my dog If i am walking with it on the lead. A 'dogs on leads' policy would go some way to resolving this massive excrement problem.

Blackpool car park end of the forest is definitely the poor relation. The paths and tracks are badly maintained. I feel sad making negative comments, I love the forest, spend a lot of time in it (not in winter) but the tracks and trails need help.

Anonymous, 4/Oct/2016

I'm sorry you are not happy about the condition of the forest around Black Pool car park. We do have worked planned for some of the trails around Black Pool but this will be minimal. Please remember that you enjoy the forest for free and so we are limited with what resources we have available to manage the area. I do not agree that the forest roads are not passable on foot for the whole of the winter. The grader comes in to tidy up the forest roads after the rally each year and will be in Mortimer Forest in the next week or so. I wholly agree that dog mess is hugely unpleasant and I wish dog owners would take seriously their responsibilities and clear up after their dogs. I do think there needs to be consideration on all parts as I agree not all visitors wish to be approached by other people's dogs. This is a multipurpose forest and many people enjoy it in many ways but it is not a park. It is reasonable to expect the unsurfaced trails to become muddy after wet weather and during the winter.

Forestry Commission Response
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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • Cycling is permitted on forest roads.
  • Easy Access
  • There are accessible picnic tables at Black Pool car park and an accessible trail from Vinnalls Car Park.
  • Horse riding
  • Riding is permitted on forest roads. Riders wishing to box to the forest will need to purchase a barrier key which will allow them into Black Pool car park and the de-boxing area.
  • Information
  • The Marches booklet is available with maps and information for Forestry Commission woodlands in the area. It is available from some local outlets or send a cheque for 1.50 to the Forestry Commission, Bank House, Bank Street, Coleford, GL16 8BA and we will send one to you. Please remember to include your address.
  • Orienteering
  • A permenant course has been devised by Wrekin Orienteers. Courses are suitable for beginners and maps can be bought from Ludlow Tourist information Centre for approximately 1.50.
  • Parking
  • There are height restriction barriers on all our car parks in Mortimer forest.
  • Picnic
  • All our car parks have picnic tables.
  • Play area
  • We are creating natural play spaces close to Vinnalls car park.
  • Trail (easy)
  • The Easy Access trail starts from Vinnalls car park and is suitable for buggies and mobility scooters.
  • Walking
  • There are five walking trails in this Forest.
  • Trail (hard)
  • Climbing Jack trail starts at Vinnalls car park and takes the seasoned walker on a nine mile walk through most of the different areas of the Forest.
  • Trail (moderate)
  • Follow the respective waymarked trails from Vinnalls, Black Pool or Whitcliffe car parks for a moderate walk.
  • Viewpoint
  • The walk up to High Vinnalls is a must on a clear day.
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There are height restriction barriers on all our car parks in Mortimer forest.

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