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Trail details

Grade of Trail:

  • Moderate

Trail Waymarking:


Length of trail:

2.1 miles

Trail is currently open

Trail Map of Haughmond Hill


Trail description

Follow the blue waymarkers for a walk through mixed woodland.  En-route you will pass pass Nancy Spragg's cottage, not much is left there now but can you spot the lilac and plum trees which once grew in her garden?

Look out from the toposcope (the site of an Iron Age enclosure) over Shrewsbury to the Hills beyond follow the trail round to the Family stone and windows on the view.

This is the longest trail on the hill.  Sections of the trail have exposed roots and rocks and some parts will be muddy especially after wet weather.

This walk is named in memory of war poet Wilfred Owen who had strong links with the local area and Haughmond Hill in particular.

Geo Trail  - Easy Access walk with quarry views.

Corbett Trail - Circular Easy Access walk.

Henry's Hike - unsurfaced walk, mostly flat with rocks and roots.

What do other visitors say?

We had a lovely walk with our dog, however there are no bins apart from at the start around the cafe area, with so many people walking with dogs, there really needs to be more bins on the paths and this would help with the issue of dog poo being left. I took a coffee from the cafe with me to walk and then had to carry the empty cup the whole time until we got back to the cafe. Please get more bins.

Helen, 1/Oct/2015

There are two bins on each walking trail as it leaves the car park & café area so a walk from there will pass a bin four times. To have bins throughout the wood raises financial and logistical issues as well as the impact on wildlife further into the wood.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

I took my owner for a walk around Haughmond Hill this morning and despite my best efforts she managed to get us a little lost. I think she set off assuming the trails would be easier to follow, but I think she needed more guide posts. At some point we even managed to leave the hill via the woods and arrived on an unidentified road. I made her double back and we picked up the blue trail then the red and then, much to both our relief, the car park. We had a great walk and I have been very sleepy doggy ever since. Just thought a little feedback might be useful, to help these poor owners - any chance of more sign posts please? Thanks Bobbie-Dog

Bobbie - Dog, 29/Jul/2015
4 Stars 4 Stars

We followed the blue marked trail this Sunday in wonderful weather and were really enjoying our morning out, looking forward to a coffee and snack at the caf■, but the day was marred by ignorant mountain bikers who were bombing around the trails at high speeds and not stopping or even slowing down when they met walkers. Fearing for the safety of our 6 year old boy I stood in their path at one particularly narrow point to make them slow down and got assailed with verbal abuse. Basically telling me I was in the wrong and they had every right to use the way marked trails at speeds they wished. Is this the case? I thought bikers were supposed to stick to their own trails as they are virtually silent and very fast.

Archie White, 30/Sep/2014

I am sorry you had this experience. We do ask all our visitors to show consideration to each other when visiting the wood. There are no officially designated bike trails on the Hill with one short exception due to the small size of the Hill.

Forestry Commission Response

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What's Here?

  • Baby Changing
  • Baby changing facilities are available in the all access toilet which is open the same hours as the cafe.
  • Cafe
  • Pine Tops Cafe is open Wednesday - Sunday and bank holidays. Core hours are 9am - 2pm with longer hours at weekends and in the summer.
  • Dogs
  • Haughmond Hill welcomes responsible dog walkers, please be aware that many families use the site and children are often wary of dogs.
  • Easy Access
  • Haughmond Hill has two easy access trails, the Corbett and Geo trails. there is an all access toilet which is open the same hours as the cafe.
  • Horse riding
  • Riding is permitted on forest roads.
  • Information
  • Leaflets with maps of the Hill are available to buy from the cafe for 80p.
  • Litter bin
  • Please take your litter home.
  • Ancient Monuments
  • Haughmond Hill is home to an Iron Age enclosure and a medieval ring work.
  • Orienteering
  • A permanent course has been devised by Wrekin Orienteers. Courses are suitable for beginners and maps can be bought from Pine Tops Cafe for approximately £1.50.
  • Parking
  • Parking is currently free but charging will start in mid-April 2013.
  • Picnic
  • There are numerous picnic tables in the car park and a couple on the front of the hill on Wilfred's Walk
  • Play area
  • We are starting to introduce opportunities for play by creating natural play spaces.
  • Trail (easy)
  • There are two easy access Walking trails in this woodland. the Corbett Trail and the Geo Trail.
  • Trail (moderate)
  • Henry's Hike and Wilfred's Walk are moderate trails. Both have rocky and rooty sections and can be muddy.
  • Viewpoint
  • There are stunning views from the end of the Geo-trail, Wilfreds Walk and Henry's Hike.
  • Toliets
  • The toilets are currently open the same hours as the Cafe.
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OS Grid ref: SJ 545 147
Postcode: SY4 4PW

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Georgina Sharp
Recreation Ranger
0300 0676977­

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