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A short walk from Knightwood Oak car park, aKnightwood Oak. New Forest gravel track (suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs) leads to the largest and perhaps the most famous oak tree in the New Forest.

The Knightwood Oak is the largest oak in the New Forest, at 7.4m girth, and surely one of the oldest.

 It is still going strong today and is a spectacular example of the ancient art of 'pollarding', the traditional way of harvesting wood without killing the tree.

A shady spot to bring a picnic, 'get away from it all' and try to imagine what it would have been like over 400 years ago when this tree began to grow.

Knightwood Oak Podcast

Take your very own 'ranger' out in the New Forest by downloading the Knightwood Oak Podcast for your MP3 player by clicking here.

What do other visitors say?

A visitor advised us that there is no signage or historical information about the Knightwood Oak

Anonymous, 18/Jun/2015

Thank you for your comment. The information around the Knightwood Oak is, admittedly, slight, but it is there and is colourful. Visitors should walk around the cleft oak fence line enclosing the Oak where they will find two very substantial panels. The first provides information about the wildlife that lives in oaks, such as the Knightwood, and the second gives historical information, including a picture taken in about 1900.

Forestry Commission Response
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I thought the signage was appropriate and proportionate to the degree of historical significance. We also felt the nearby picnic table was a great stop off. Thank you!

Nigel McAvoy , 24/Jan/2015
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Just visited today and very confused....we walked down the path from the car park and saw a post in the ground saying 'historic oak' but no fencing and no information boards...! There was one oak on the other side of the track which didn't look that old - did we miss it??!!

Anonymous, 3/Jul/2014

I’m sorry you were misled by our signage at the Knightwood Oak. It is indeed a historic tree and worth a look. Not necessarily the most attractive ancient oak, but very impressive. There are interpretation panels around it (that we are looking to update soon) and a picket fence, plus it is surrounded by a very pleasant picnic area and other, younger trees planted by the present Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. The car park is actually on the other side of the road to the tree, because of space, and the signage should direct you to a crossing point (follow the oak tree marker posts) and a track on the other side of the road that leads you to an open area containing the Knightwood Oak. Once you have followed this path you will not be able to miss the tree. It is worth having another go, if you have the chance.

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  • A short walk from Knightwood Oak car park, a gravel track (suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs) leads to the largest and perhaps the most famous oak tree in the New Forest.
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