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Coarse Fishing in the New Forest
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 During the season a variety of fish can be caught at HatchHatchet pond. New Forestet Pond and Little Hatchet including Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp, Pike, Pearch, Eels and Rudd.

In order to fish at Hatchet Pond or Little Hatchet you will require a Forestry Commission fishing permit and an Environment Agency Rod License.

Forestry Commission Fishing Permits are available as day, week or season tickets. 

Where can I get a permit?

Day and Week tickets are available from the outlets below, from the 16th June:

Season Permits  are only available from the Queens House, Lyndhurst, SO43 7NH.

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 The prices for 2016/2017 season  are below


Price for 2 rods

  Adult U17 & Concession
Day   £10.00  £7.00
 Week  £27.00  £14.00
Season £100.00 £50.00


Price for 3 rods

  Adult  U17 & Concession
Day  £15.00 £9.00
Week  £42.00  £25.00
Season £150.00 £70.00


If you wish to purchase a Season Permit you can either:

Pay in person: at our office in Lyndhurst (SO43 7NH) during office hours which are Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm. We can accept payment by debit/credit card or cash.

Phone: Please call us on 0300 067 4601 during office hours to pay by debit or credit card over the phone. You season permit will then be posted out to you.

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Code of Conduct 

 Conditions of Issue of New Forest Fishing Permits for Hatchet and Little Hatchet Pond


  • A Forestry Commission fishing permit and Environment Agency rod license must be carried whilst fishing and shown to any Forestry Commission or Environment Agency officer on request.
  • In their own interest fishermen are advised to familiarise themselves with the byelaws of the Environment Agency Southern Region.
  • Fishing is permitted only between half and hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset. No night fishing, overnight parking or staking out or pitches is allowed.
  • Only dead marine fish should be used as bait for Pike. Parking must be in the officially designated car parks.
  • All fish to be returned immediately to the water. It is an offence under the byelaws to take fish away.
  • Permits are valid for 2 or 3 rods, depending on the fee paid.
  • Keep nets may not be used. Always use a landing net and unhooking mat when handling caught fish.
  • Barbless hooks only to be used.
  • The Forestry Commission is indemnified against any claim which may arise as a result of the use of the permits and any damage to forestry Commission property is to be made good to the satisfaction of the Deputy Surveyor.
  • Care should be exercised near water especially where the bank slope steeply or deep water is present and young people should be in the care and control of responsible adults.

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What do other visitors say?

What's the lake record carp

Anonymous, 24/Jul/2016

Thank you for your comment. The Carp can weight up to 30 plus pounds.

Forestry Commission Response

Are there a lot of carp in hatchet pond? What's in there?

Oli, 10/Jul/2016

Thank you for your question. There are various fresh water fish in Hatchet Pond, including Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp, Pike, Pearch, Eels and Rudd.

Forestry Commission Response
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last time i went was not good ,but the time before was a good days fishing and picnic. with my 2 dogs which i kept on leads.

the time before was spoilt by a person breaking large branches of the trees and throwing in the pond for their dogs.

the language spoilt it for everyone and the dogs spoilt the fishing.

and i wasted 10.00.

i think i reported it at the time on this site

chris, 22/Sep/2015
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  • Parking is available at Hatchet Pond or Little Hatchet.
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  • Toilets are situated in Hatchet Pond car park.
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