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Grade of Trail:

  • Moderate

Length of trail:

7 miles

Trail is currently open


Mountain biking on the Verderers’ Trail

The highly rated Verderers’ trail, designed and built by Rowan Sorrell's 'Back on Track' team, is an exciting and adventurous trail for both intermediate and experienced cyclists on mountain bikes.

The final section of the Verderers' Trail is Red grade.  The resurfacing of this trail has not been completed.  Work has had to be halted and will restart again in a few months time.  Any Blue grade riders should use the forest road before the final descent to return to the Cycle Centre. (this adds an extra 3 miles to the whole trail, making it 10 miles long in total)

You’ll encounter a combination of different surfaces, narrow sections, moderate climbs, humps, flowing berms and undulating whoops. There are two shortcuts back to the cycle centre if you decide the trail is not suitable for you.

Take on the ‘Iron Chicken and ‘Blue String Pudding’ before the final descent of the trail which has received huge plaudits since its completion in the summer 2011. The trail overall gives a massive feeling of fun and riders complete the final downhill section with a huge grin. Feedback has been unanimously positive with rave reviews from both hardcore cyclists and those that have not ridden a bike for many years.

The Verderers’ trail is a 1 South West project. They have produced a map of the trail.

Sections of the Verderers' Trail have been judged to be outside the blue trail grading.  Please take extra care whilst riding this trail.  The Forestry Commission will be working this winter to return it to blue grade.

Before cycling the trail, why not try out the skills loop near the trail start? This can help you get a feel for your bike and develop your off-road technique.

What do other visitors say?

The trail was exhilarating! Fabulous! Such varied terrain. A big grin on my face all the way! First such trail I've done and I loved it. Normally bike off road in the Peak District and this took the fun to the next level! My riding partner found it a little bumpy in places so took some sections a little slower but enjoyed it none the less! A big thumbs up! And THANKS!

Martyn, 8/Mar/2015
5 Stars 5 Stars

Hi, hoping to visit in second week of jan with family - is the trail likely to be open, as it's the main reason we are coming to forest of dean. looking at the verderer's trail. thanks.

Jo Bisseker Barr, 6/Nov/2014
5 Stars 5 Stars

Top quality, fun flowy trail. However, I think it is borderline mis-graded as a blue run. As the trail has bedded in over the last couple of years patches have become rougher and the whole trail slightly tougher. There are many red graded trails that are easier than this!

Tom, 27/Sep/2014

Thanks for the feedback, resurfacing work is being programmed in for the final section of the Verderers trail, in the meantime there are signs up regarding the trail grading varience.

Forestry Commission Response
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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • Gradient (moderate)


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