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Friend or Foe? You decide ...

All summer, the Forestry Commission is celebrating the forest and its incredible insects with the Friend or Foe trail.

Although some insects sting or bite, many are essential for pollinating plants and as a food for other animals. Follow the trail, find out all about insects – the good stuff and the bad. Friend or foe? ...You decide!

Friend or foe circle

Suitable for 5-9 year olds, the basic self-guided trail through the Forest with fun activities to complete along the way counts for 1 hour in your passport. To claim the certificate for your passport email a photo of the nest you made for an imaginary forest animal, and a couple of sentences about the sort of jobs you think the Forestry Commission staff do to look after the forest, to .

The trail is running at these Forestry Commission sites:

Alice Holt nr Farnham Hants
Cardinham Woods, Bodmin Cornwall
Dalby, N Yorkshire
Great Wood, West Somerset
Haldon Forest Park, Exeter
Haughmond Hill, Shrewsbury
Hicks Lodge, Staffs/Leics
Mortimer Forest, Shrops/Hereford
Sherwood, Notts
Wyre, Kidderminster

Last updated: 14th July 2016