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Trailing the Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

The Forestry Commission has been offered a wonderful opportunity to bring the history of High Lodge alive for everyone, as it has been awarded a Round One Pass and Development Funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project to make a new trail into the forest which will link and interpret its landscape history, wildlife and forest management. 

Ten thousand years of landscape history lie beneath the trees at High Lodge, Thetford Forest’s Centre.  To most visitors, this is ‘hidden history’ because there is currently little or no information about it or where to look for the special archaeological features such as burial mounds or warren banks and warren lodge sites.

Up to 5 kilometers in length, the trail will make the forest more accessible for everyone (excluding horse-riders) as it will have an all-ability smooth surface and be suitable for families, less experienced cyclists and those with access limitations. Benches and shelters will give ‘rest places’ and meet the needs of those with restricted health and mobility.

There will be opportunities to explore and research the history of the landscape, take part in archaeological surveys and investigations and contribute to interpretation and learn new heritage skills. 

During the one-year development phase, visitors to High Lodge and those looking online will have the opportunity to contribute to the planning of the new trail, to interpretation and activities so that they become resources for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. 

If you would like to know more about the project and become involved in developing it, please email

There is also a survey for you to complete here


Last updated: 10th August 2016


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