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Stick Man

Stick Man - Reproduced with the permission of Alison Green Books. An imprint of Scholastic Ltd. All rights reserved

Stick Man has arrived at Children’s University! For one CU hour (or two if you buy and use the activity pack as well), complete a Stick Man trail in your local forest. Find a trail near you. 


When you have done the trail, send a paragraph about what you learned and enjoyed the most on your visit and if you used the activity pack, you can photograph or scan and sendyour work, and the Forestry Commission will send you a 2 hour stamp. Completed work should be sent to with your name, age and the name of the forest you visited. If you are happy for your photo to be used on the FC’s Facebook pages, please send one of you with Stick Man too!

Last updated: 27th July 2016

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