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Who is Allstar?

Allstar Business Solutions, part of the Fleetcor group, is the UK’s largest supplier of fuel card services to the private and public sector. Allstar cards are used by more than 38,000 businesses and 1.1 million drivers in the UK and can be used at more than 7,600 fuel sites around the country.

Allstar’s Natalie Rew and Stephanie Teasdale with Project Developer Steve Prior, Director of Forest Carbon

Allstar's Natalie Rew and Stephanie Teasdale with project developer Forest Carbon's director Steve Prior at the entrance to the Madresfield site in 2015.  Photo:  Forest Carbon Ltd


When did you become involved?

Allstar Business Solution’s Ecopoint scheme, launched in January 2015, brings cost-effective and simplified carbon capture to thousands of businesses across the UK. The programme is designed to enable Allstar’s wide customer base to easily measure the carbon footprint of their card holders, and turn the aggregated carbon into UK woodlands through a coordinated mitigation programme.


How many projects are you involved with?

Allstar have bought from 8 projects so far including Madresfield, a 5 hectare native broadleaf woodland on the outskirts of Great Malvern, totalling 1,640 tonnes of future carbon capture; 26 hectares of broadleaves at Glen Estate, just outside Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders, totalling some 8,977 tonnes; and 53 hectares of non-intervention habitat creation at 4 Gesto on the Isle of Skye, which will sequester almost 23,000 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime.

Allstar’s Natalie Rew, Stephanie Teasdale and Susannah Todd at the entrance to the Madresfield project

Allstar's Suzannah Todd, Stephanie Teasdale and Natalie Rew at the Madresfield project site in 2015.  Photo:  Forest Carbon Ltd


Why did you decide to buy from Woodland Carbon Code projects?

Allstar decided on a programme of UK woodland creation and management on behalf of Ecopoint subscribers because of the multiple and local benefits UK woodlands offer in addition to carbon capture – no other form of carbon credit, nationally or internationally, offers additional benefits in this way.  Allstar’s motivation in researching the possibility of operating such a programme was its awareness that vehicular emissions account for a significant proportion of the UK national carbon inventory. Ecopoint was also designed to make life simple for cardholders – in recognition of the fact that many businesses would want to take some sort of action on their environmental impacts, but would lack the resource to look into and administer an internal programme.

Allstar’s Brian Flood, Vice President of Networks and Product, said of the programme:

Portrait of Brian Flood, Allstar business solutions“As a part of the fuel industry, you can’t help but be aware that vehicle emissions are a big part of the UK’s carbon footprint, and that most businesses want to do something about that. We were in a unique position, given our reach and the collected buying power of our customers, to put together a strong intervention. We have been thrilled with the take up from customers, and the local impacts we are and will be making over the coming years.”

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Last updated: 18th July 2016