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Hydro Energy Case Studies

Hydro Power

Welcome to our hydro power section. There is potential for generating renewable electricity from rivers on the Welsh Government woodland estate and we support the sustainable development of the hydro power resource. In particular we are keen to see hydro schemes owned by communities or run for community benefit.  Hydro power can bring benefits to your community by generating income from the government’s Feed in Tariff. This money can be used to fund regeneration, environmental projects, or anything your community needs.  Hydroelectricity has a valuable role to play in cutting our CO2 emissions. Individual schemes can have positive local impacts if planned and built correctly.
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If your intended hydro system is partly or fully to be on land managed by us you need to apply for permission.  We have a duty of care to forests & forest users when considering proposals. 

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 The Welsh Government’s Ynni'r Fro programme provides support for community renewable energy schemes.

Visit the Ynni’r Fro> website.


 We are particularly keen to encourage hydro power schemes owned by communities or run for community benefit.

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You will need to carry out wildlife surveys and apply for permissions from several statutory and management organisations.

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See examples of small hydro power schemes and gain inspiration for what you could achieve! These are independent projects but we hope to add schemes on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate over time.

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What's of interest

For all enquiries please contact the hydro team


Hydro project full proposal form now available on ‘Applying to Us’ page

Guidance on rental ratesfor hydro schemes now available. 

Heads of Terms for Hydro Power schemes

Our template Heads of Terms for hydro power schemes on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate is now available online.

See 'Applying to Us Page' for details and to download.

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