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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
For a limited period some of Natural Resources Wales online services will continue to be provided on this website.

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Grants & Regulations

Welcome to the Grants and Regulations section. Here you can find out about grants to plant trees or to manage existing woodlands including how to apply for a licence to fell trees.  You can read about the regulations that protect woodlands in Wales and find out about the pests and diseases affecting tree health.  You can learn more about the benefits that woodlands deliver on farms - from providing timber and fuel to creating shelter for livestock and buildings, and reducing soil erosion.  You can also get information on the closed BWW grant scheme and access the Grants and Licences Online Service (GLOS).

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It may be an offence to fell trees without a licence and/or an EIA screening decision.

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