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wind energy programme

Wind Energy Programme

Welcome to the Forestry Commission Wales Wind Energy Programme which is working with selected Developers (Option Holders) to deliver approximately 83%* of the Welsh Government's onshore wind energy target by integrating wind energy development into the sustainable management of the Welsh Government's Woodland Estate. Forestry Commission Wales welcome the distinction of delivering this key national programme aimed at securing the future of energy in Wales. Below you can read about the benefits of the Programme to Wales and find information about the Programme and projects.

Wind Energy Programme

Wind Energy Programme   Wind Energy Programme
Circa £1 Billion* Investment   Green Energy - 416k Homes   Environmental Benefits    

Capital Investment in Programme.

Wind Energy Programme:


The investment could lead to provision of annual energy needs for the equivalent of over 416,000 Welsh homes*.

  Wind energy developments provide Forestry Commission Wales with opportunities to plan for landscape scale improvements in line with the Welsh Government’s Woodlands for Wales forestry strategy e.g. bog and heath restoration, and recreational developments such as mountain bike trails.  
Wind Energy Programme   Wind Energy Programme   Wind Energy Programme  
Compensatory Planting   Community Benefits   £293m Income  
Some tree clearance will be necessary but the scale of the current proposals are not considered to be a threat to the national woodland resource. We are working with Developers (Option Holders) to ensure any losses to woodland cover are replaced within Wales.   The Programme offers the opportunity, following the construction of the proposed wind energy schemes, to generate significant income (currently estimated at £100 million*) over its 25-year lifetime for community-based projects. These benefits will be channelled through properly constituted and regulated body/bodies.  

The Programme is currently estimated (based on assumptions of energy output and forecasts on price) to deliver £293 million* over its life to the Welsh Government, and £100 million for community-based projects.


 *Calculations and explanations behind indicative figures