Apprenticeship FAQ

What kind of apprenticeship scheme do you run?

We run a range of different forms of apprenticeship throughout Scotland, England and Wales, to encourage the development of a skilled and adaptable workforce for the future.

What will I gain from the programme?

Apprentices undergo a mixture of formal training, practical work experience, informal on-the-job training as well as studying toward an SVQ/ NVQ qualification.

Do I need to have any qualifications to apply?

The qualifications needed may differ from scheme to scheme but Standard Grade (level 1 – 3 including English) or GCSE’s (A-C) is desirable.

Is there an age limit to the scheme?

Anyone aged 16+ is eligible to apply and there is no upper age limit for the programme.  As long as you meet the essential criteria listed in the job specification for the scheme you wish to apply for you will be eligible to apply.

When is the programme likely to commence?

The next round of recruitment to the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme is likely to commence around summertime 2011 with a view to appointment in January 2012

Can non-UK citizens apply?

Yes.  Please see the ‘Who Can Apply’ section of the website’ for the relevant information.

Do I receive any financial help in relocating?

Whilst there is no financial assistance available for relocation, we are able to help identifying possible local options for accommodation etc. However, apprentices receive a salary of £14,449 per annum, which is considerably higher than a minimum wage offered by most government led schemes.

How often do the schemes come up?

Generally, recruitment will occur every six months from January 2012; however the number of places available will be dependant upon suitable placement opportunities within our Forest Districts.

What is a Modern Apprenticeship in Forestry?

A Modern Apprenticeship in Forestry involves quality work-based training combined with study to obtain a Vocational Qualification and Core Skills that prove your competency in a particular job/role.

What does a Forestry Apprentice have to do?

Apprentices will be employed for two years, completing a combination of formal training, practical work experience, on-the-job training, and study towards their VQ qualification in Trees & Timber, covering a range of forest establishment, harvesting, recreation, and conservation operations and activities.  On completion, apprentices will have the skills and qualifications to work within the forest industry.

Do I need a driving licence to be able to apply? 

This role requires you to hold, and to continue to hold a full current driving license, or the ability to obtain one within 6 months. However, the Forestry Commission is willing to consider proposals put forward by applicants that would allow them to do the job by other means.

Where will I be based?

Apprentices will work within our Forest Districts, and actual locations will be advertised.  It is unlikely that Forestry Commission England or Forestry Commission Wales will be recruiting apprentices in the short term so posts are most likely to be based in Scotland.

How will I know when the next one is going to be advertised and how do I apply?

You can sign up for our Job Alerts Service which will alert you to any Forestry Commission vacancy you may be interested in. We have an e-recruitment system so you will be able to apply on line when a post is advertised.

Is the Apprenticeship Programme affected by the current Civil Service Recruitment Freeze?

No. We are still recruiting for Apprentices throughout the Civil Service Recruitment Freeze.  

Does the scheme guarantee me a job in the Forestry Commission?

No. However you are eligible to apply for internal Forestry Commission vacancies throughout your apprenticeship.

Are there any volunteering opportunities available at the moment?

Please visit our Volunteering Opportunities page to find out more.