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Selling to the Forestry Commission

We rely on the external market place to deliver many of the goods, works and services required to help us deliver our objectives. 

These pages provide information on our current contract opportunities, and details of our standard terms and conditions of contract, and other relevant documents.


It is our policy to tender and advertise all contract opportunities over the value of £20k.  We are also required to advertise certain high value opportunities in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), in line with EC Public Procurement Directives.  See these opportunities at 

Government Transparency Agenda

Bidding organisations must confirm their acceptance of the mandatory requirements for publication of tender documents and contracts as set out in the Government Transparency Agenda.

Prompt Payment Performance

In line with Procurement Policy Note 05/15 issued by the Cabinet Office, the following table shows the Forestry Commission's prompt payment performance.

Financial Year 2015/2016

Percentage of invoices paid within 5 days

Percentage of invoices paid within 30 days

Total amount of liability to pay (from April 2016)

1st Quarter




2nd Quarter




3rd Quarter




Sustainable Procurement

The Forestry Commission is aiming to deliver a Sustainable Procurement strategy through a measured process that takes into consideration the environmental, social and economic issues that should be addressed through such a policy. This will be delivered in line with the central and devolved government targets and policies that have been set.

Our full Sustainable Procurement Policy

Standard documentation

The Forestry Commission currently has six standard sets of terms and conditions of contract, which are used for the majority of our contracts. These conditions can be tailored if a specific contract requires it and for the more complex contracts, bespoke conditions may be used.  Our standard terms and conditions can be viewed below:

Supply of Consultancy Services

Supply of Services

Supply of Goods (and associated services)

Supply of Operational Services

Supply of Harvesting Services

Supply of Haulage Services

More information:

Last updated: 15th January 2016