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Crg Farm plant nursery

Crug Farm Plants

On Thursday the 7th of May, 26 of us met at Griffiths Crossing near Caernarfon to visit Crg Farm Plants.
We were near the coast but the day was very cold with a bitter wind. A quick search around the car boots and we had the warm coats out and everybody was happy.
The owner, Bleddyn Wynn Jones, with help from his wife Sue, gave us a guided tour of the gardens with a description of the natural home of the plants and stories of their collection. It was absolutely fascinating and the tour took a lot longer than expected because of the interest shown.
Afterwards we looked around the sales area. I visit a few garden centres and it would be fair to say that prices at Crg are higher than other public nurseries we have been to. However quality and rarity does not come cheap. The staff are so knowledgeable about their plants that any purchase, if you ask for advice, is exactly right for the garden it is going into.
We bought a couple of plants and now are probably the only people in a 10 mile radius with these plants growing in their garden. No common or bulk purchases here, just quality plants of unusual varieties (for instance the catalogue offers 45 varieties of Viburnum and 18 varieties of Sorbus).
This was a really good opportunity to talk with these incredible owners who go out on their own plant hunting expeditions to bring back these unusual plants and to see them established in the gardens and for sale in the nursery. There was an enthusiastic vote of thanks.

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Afterwards our Chairman led us to the nearby County Manor Restaurant which opened especially for us and where we enjoyed some quality tea, coffee, scones and cakes.

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Crug Farm PlantsCrug Farm PlantsCrug Farm Plants
Crug Farm PlantsCrug Farm PlantsCrug Farm Plants

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