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Spring tree in leaf. Westonbirt ArboretumThe National Tree Safety Group (NTSG) is composed of a number of organisations with an interest in tree risk management.  The group came together in August 2007 to discuss the need for a nationally recognised approach to tree safety management.  Early in the discussions one issue became the priority for the NTSG.  This was the provision of guidance that is proportionate to the risk posed by trees and defendable rather than defensive. 

The National Tree Safety Group Aims

  • carry out research into tree risk
  • produce a set of basic principles as a framework for considering and managing tree safety in the public interest
  • through the above, produce a widely-accepted, broad guidance document on tree safety management for landowners and managers with responsibility for trees

News for December 2011

The NTSG Management Committee published the long awaited guidance it had been preparing. The release date for the three guidance documents was Monday 5th December 2011. These are:

1. Common sense risk management of trees (The main guidance document priced at £19.99 plus P&P)

2. A Landowner Summary  (for estates and smallholdings available free)

3. Managing Trees for Safety (For the domestic tree owner available free)

The NTSG Management Committee would like to thank all for their forbearance in waiting for this guidance and apologises for the unexpected but unavoidable delay in bringing it to publication.

All the documents are now available from the Forestry Commission Publications website.


About the National Tree Safety Group

The group was formed by Sir Harry Studholme, Forestry Commissioner and Chair of the South West Regional Development Agency.  It is currently chaired by Judith Webb, Forestry Commissioner.  Membership is open to all interested stakeholder organisations and groups.  However, individuals are not eligible to become members of the NTSG.

A management committee comprised of the Chair and no more than 12 representatives from across the range of interests directs the NTSG.  Further members can be co-opted on to the Management Committee at the discretion of the Chair to ensure a broad representation. The management committee also forms sub committees and uses expertise from within and outside its membership to most effectively achieve the objective of the NTSG.

For a full list of members of the management committee please see the members page.

Last updated: 27th October 2015