Forest Live 2015 at Sherwood Pines Forest, Nottinghamshire
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We'll have great acts lined up to perform at Sherwood Pines in 2015:

  • Friday 26 June - Tom Odell
  • Saturday 27 June - tbc
  • Sunday 28 June - tbc

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Seen Boyzone they was fantastic

Julie Doyle , 12/Dec/2014
4 Stars 4 Stars

Know it's a bit late, but thought I'd drop you a line about when I visited Sherwood Pines to watch Paul Weller this summer. Altogether a great night, Weller was on top form as per usual. I wasn't stood right at the front so I did not see the scuffle alleged to have broken out but you couldn't have done anything about that, that I didn't notice a thing is a positive reflection on your security staff and arrangements.

I know a lot of people are annoyed by the smoking rule, I would like to add my name to the list, whilst it didn't affect me that evening, two or three chain smokers may well have spoiled my experience.

We got there early, and parking for us was superb, you could almost see the stage and hear the sound check as I sat in the car. As the gates opened I waited for a while for the queues to subside, but if anything they got longer with time, but is wasn't a huge problem because I had arrived in plenty of time. There was a little aggro with a couple of 15 year-olds who said they had been refused entry as they were not with an over-16. How are we to keep the legend of Weller alive when this happens? If what I was told is how it seems then there is only one word for the staff, jobsworths! I am 16 and was with my Dad who was a fan of the Jam so I was ok but it did irritate me and riled me a bit, not the best Start! (sorry) to the evening!

The toilet arrangements were poor. I had to queue for a long time after the second support act, and worried that I would be urinating as I heard the opening bars of 'Sunflower' (luckily this didn't happen) but many mnore were needed. Went to see him at Audley End later in the summer and their facilities were far better, a phone call to them may be in order. I should have gone to the toilet during 'Foot of the Mountain' (don't laugh, Weller fans, you are probably as bored with it as I am!) but the rest of the set was superb.

A good evening out all in all, just to summarise, stop being so silly when it comes to letting in teenagers who are clearly mature enough to be attending a gig like this in a pair, more toilets were needed (e.g. a block of toilets on a trailer rather than the large, clumsy portaloos you offered), and finally open the car parks up a bit earlier so I could hear Weller's soundcheck and not just that of the support acts! Overall a good evening out, cheers!

Andy Lewis Ate My Hamster, 8/Nov/2014

Boyzone was fantastic

Julie Doyle , 16/Aug/2014
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