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Private Sector PF Working Group

The Forestry Commission and the private sector are keen to improve the accuracy of yield class and other data used in the PS forecast. Following a meeting with the Confor processor group in 2007, a new Private Sector Production Forecast working group (PSPFWG) has been set up, and met for the first time in March 2008. The PSPFWG is made up of private sector representatives with expertise in data management, and FC members, who are either involved in delivering the new forecast system or have a forecasting policy role in their countries. Its main terms of reference are:

  • To improve the accuracy and quality of the private sector production forecast.

  • To encourage and achieve a greater level of engagement in the production forecast process by the private sector, by using its data, where available and appropriate, as input to the forecast system.

The membership of the working group is: 


Roger Coppock, Forestry Commission (Chair); Oliver Combe, BSW Ltd; Martin Craig, UPM-Tilhill; Chris Edwards, FC Wales; Justin Gilbert, Forest Research; Simon Gillam, FC Economics & Statistics Unit; Gabriel Hemery, Forestry Horizons; Colin Kennedy, Scottish Woodlands; Mark Lawrence, Forest Research; David Leslie, James Jones and Sons; Andy Mason, FC England; Robert Matthews, Forest Research; Jez Ralph, Woodland Renaissance; and Graham Taylor, Pryor and Rickett.

The full terms of reference and other details can be found in the pdf documents below.

  1. Terms of Reference
  2. PS Forecast - Note on aims and objectives
  3. Improving the Forecast
  4. Minutes of meeting, 27th March 2008
  5. Minutes of meeting, 24th June 2008
  6. Minutes of meeting, 3rd September 2008
  7. Minutes of meeting, 25th November 2008
  8. Briefing note on Timber Quality assessment
  9. Treemetrics:Timber value Recovery Report
  10. Minutes of meeting, 9th March 2009
  11. CONFOR Response to timber quality criteria
  12. Implications for forecasting stiffness
  13. Presentation on Implications for forecasting stiffness (Pdf)