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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
For a limited period some of Natural Resources Wales online services will continue to be provided on this website.


Forest worker snedding felled Oak. New Forest FDEver thought of a career in forestry?

There's more to it than you might imagine and by clicking on the links below you will be able to get a flavour of the wide range of careers and jobs available in woodlands - from managing and harvesting large forests to wildlife management, teaching, green woodworking, recreation, woodland ecology, civil engineering and working with communities.  

In fact, there are job opportunities in any landscape setting involving woodlands and trees, in a range of public and private organisations as well as many opportunities for self employment. 

These short films feature real people talking about real jobs – what they do, how they got there and why they love it. We have tried to represent the range of careers and jobs within the industry and the films showcase women and men at their place of work, whether this is out in the woods, office based or a mixture of both.

You can also find out more by reading a case study about each person featured in the films.

More information on green jobs within the Wales Forest Sector can be found here.

And if you have already decided that forestry is the career for you, then you can keep an eye on current vacancies.

What's of interest

“There’s scope for a great variety of jobs within the Commission, and all the roles I’ve had have provided a great balance of indoor and outdoor work. I like the fact that I can get out into the forest for site visits after a morning in front of the computer. It’s difficult to predict the future, but I can be sure of one thing - there will continue to be opportunities to develop my career within the organisation.”
Matthew, Establishment Manager

"Working in the great outdoors is very rewarding and gives me opportunity to see stunning countryside and keep me fit and active at the same time. My job as a field operative is challenging and the prospects to develop my career are good.”
Menna, Recreation Field Operative

Recreation Ranger

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