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Woodlands Strategy for Wales 2010

Woodlands for Wales – Wales Woodland Strategy

Woodlands for Wales, the Welsh Government’s (WG) strategy for woodlands and trees was revised and published in March 2009. This sets out WG’s aims and objectives for all woodlands and trees in Wales - in both public and private ownership.

Originally published in 2001 it sets out a 50-year plan for woodlands and trees and how the people of Wales can benefit from them. The strategy looks at the role they play in delivering social economic and environmental benefits and also the contribution they can make towards addressing the impacts of climate change.

All trees in Wales are considered in the strategy both in the countryside and urban areas.

The strategy is framed around Welsh woodlands and trees as a basis for delivery across four strategic themes, which are:

  • Responding to climate change – coping with climate change and helping reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Woodlands for people – serving local needs for health, education and jobs.
  • A competitive and integrated forest sector – innovative, skilled industries supplying renewable products from Wales.
  • Environmental quality – making a positive contribution to biodiversity, landscapes and heritage, and reducing other environmental pressures.

From this page you can download:


Welsh Government Forestry Policy. - will provide you with further background and evidence for the outcomes sought in WG's Woodlands for Wales strategy.

Action Plan

The Woodlands for Wales Action Plan (Revised in March 2012) sets out what needs to happen over the next five years to make progress towards achieving the outcomes of Woodlands for Wales, the Welsh Government's (WG) 50 year strategy for trees and woodlands.

Government Woodland Estate Research Project

In the Foreword to Woodlands for Wales, Elin Jones (Minister for Rural Affairs), commissioned a study into the role of the publicly owned woodland in delivering the strategy. We took this forward in the form of a Research Project during 2010 and a summary of the main findings can be found here

Woodlands for Wales Indicators

Woodlands for Wales Indicators (Revised in June 2012) sets out the indicators we are using to measure progress towards achieving the 20 high level outcomes set out in Woodlands for Wales.

The original WfW Indicators is stored in the Archive information above.

23 indicators are described, corresponding to the list found on pages 54 and 55 in Woodlands for Wales. We are able to fully report on some of the indicators, others are still under development. Where possible, indicators have been developed so that trends can be followed for the full 50-year lifespan of Woodlands for Wales. We will be regularly updating this report.

The National Forestry Inventory provides further information on woodland area in Wales:

If you want more information on Woodlands for Wales contact:
You can also telephone Forestry Commission Wales on 03000 680300 for more information.