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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
For a limited period some of Natural Resources Wales online services will continue to be provided on this website.

International Partnerships in Wales

International Partnerships


Forestry Commission Wales was involved with EU-funded programmes that help Europe's regions form partnerships to work together on common projects. By sharing knowledge and experience, these partnerships enabled the regions involved to develop new solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.

The following links will take you to the individual project websites


IMPACT – ‘Integrated Management of Forest Pests Addressing Climate Trends’ is an Ireland – Wales Interreg 4A project assessing how changing climate will influence the damage to our trees and forests by pests, some already here and others potentially brought here through international trade. It will investigate whether these threats will increase, how to develop better prediction, monitoring and identification systems and, most importantly, how best to use the weapons provided by nature to combat the threats. The project runs for three years to 31 December 2012.


A European project which ran from September 2008 until December 2011 in which Forestry Commission Wales was a partner. It looked at how trees and woodlands could adapt to the effects of climate change and provide opportunities for mitigation, reducing risks such as flooding, drought, fire and soil erosion. In particular it looked at adapting forests to maintain their resilience, how forests can help society adapt to the impacts of climate change and how trees and timber can do more than just lock away carbon.


A European project which ran from October 2004 until June 2008 in which Forestry Commission Wales was a partner. It looked at how woodland can provide new jobs by generating extra income for businesses in rural communities across Europe. Although the project has now finished, the information contained in the website helps to realise the project aim of the 'Revitalisation of rural areas through sustainable development using integrated forestry development'.


Gaining Added value for Timber in Europe - A European project which ran from July 2004 to December 2007 and was led by Forestry Commission Wales. It looked at ways to increase the use of timber for construction, building new markets and adding value. Although the project has now finished, the GATE website contains a wealth of useful information including reports from all the events, extensive photograph and technical libraries, case studies and a Europe wide stakeholder directory.

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