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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
For a limited period some of Natural Resources Wales online services will continue to be provided on this website.

Montage of photographs of woodlands and tree planting - Grants and Regulations

Sale of Surplus Property

The Forestry Commission Wales policy for sale of surplus assets focuses on other land and buildings and, on occasion, small areas of woodland, where it is difficult to deliver our social, economic and environmental objectives either now or in the future.

Income derived from the sales will be used to maintain public benefits on other parts of the Government’s woodlands. FC Wales will also ensure public access over appropriate areas of land and woodland is protected after sale by inserting a clause in the title deeds allowing access on foot (a process called ‘dedication’) under the provisions of Section 16 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

Further information on dedication in Wales is available from the Countryside Council for Wales (e-mail: together with the following useful booklets:

  • Managing Access in the Countryside. A guide for Farmers and Landowners
  • Countryside & Rights of Way 2000 – How to use restrictions

FC Wales also provides support for the creation and management of woodlands through grant aid - see Grants and Licences in Wales.

Sale of woodland

Sale of other land and buildings