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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
For a limited period some of Natural Resources Wales online services will continue to be provided on this website.

Montage of photographs of woodlands and tree planting - Grants and Regulations

Grants and Regulations

Find out about grants available from Forestry
Commission Wales. There is also information about felling licences and other regulations which we manage and administer.

New Glastir Woodland Creation Grant

A new woodland creation grant is now available through Forestry Commission Wales and is available to all landowners across Wales with more than 0.25 hectares of land which has been designated by FCW and conservation bodies in Wales as suitable for new planting. 

Grants - BWW now closed to new applicants

Better Woodlands for Wales (BWW) woodland grant scheme, delivered by Forestry Commission Wales is now closed to new applicants. More information on the transitional arrangements for BWW can be found in the information notes section of the BWW reference library

FCW has developed Glastir woodland creation grants. These will not form part of the BWW scheme but FCW will deliver them on behalf of the Welsh  Government until 1st January 2013

After that date, woodland grants will be integrated into Glastir, the new Sustainable Land Management Scheme for Wales managed by the Department for Rural Affairs.

Felling Licences

Forestry Commission Wales controls tree felling in Wales. If you wish to fell trees, you may need to get permission from us in the form of a licence before you can do so. The felling licences pages explain how to get a licence, what exemptions there are, as well as how to make a complaint or appeal a decision.

Land Information Search (LIS)
Shows features that occur on your land, or that of others.  This allows you to carry out research on your land prior to making an application for grant assistance or for a licence to fell growing trees.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Some forestry projects must meet agreed environmental standards. If our opinion is that a project will have a significant impact on the environment, you must get our consent for the work before you start it. The Environmental Impact Assessment section details the types of project to which the EIA applies and what the process for getting our consent.

Development affecting woodlands

Under the 2008 Planning Act the Forestry Commission has a statutory role as consultee to provide a view on major infrastructure projects likely to have a significant impact on trees and woodlands. Please click here to see the FCW policy position on development affecting woodlands.


The Forestry Commission consults interested parties about felling, new planting and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) decisions, and our Public Registers contain information about these activities happening in your area.

Other Information

  • Rights and Regulations
    All forestry work must meet the standards set out in The UK Forestry Standard, the chief guide to sustainable forestry.

    The UK Woodland Assurance Standard gives additional information on the use of the Standard and the process of certification of sustainably managed woodlands.

    This section also includes:
    • European Union (EU) Directives;
    • European Protected Species
    • Other Acts, Regulations and Statutory Instruments (SIs) associated with forestry practice; and
    • Procedures for Complaints and Appeals against Forestry Commission decisions.

UK Forestry Standard   (974k - pdf)
UK Woodland Assurance Standard (Second Edition) (1741k - pdf)