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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
For a limited period some of Natural Resources Wales online services will continue to be provided on this website.

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What We Do at Forestry Commission Wales

Forestry Commission Wales acts as the Welsh Government’s (WG) Department of Forestry. We are responsible for managing the 38% of Welsh woodlands owned by the Welsh Government.

We advise, on their behalf, on the development of forestry policy and its implementation. We also encourage sustainable woodland management within the private sector and are responsible for administering grants and regulatory work, including licensing for felling and replanting. The Welsh Government Minister with responsibility for forestry in Wales is John Griffiths.

Our purpose and direction – Forestry Commission Wales's corporate plan.

'Our purpose and direction' is is the name of our Corporate plan. The Plan is updated each year and sets out what we want to achieve over a three year period, currently 2011 - 2014. To monitor our progress we have a number of performance measures which are included in the Plan.


In addition to funding from WG we generate income from the Welsh Government woodlands via timber production and other activities.

Working with the Welsh Government

We are directed by Welsh Ministers through our Board of Commissioners and our National Committee for Wales.

We work closely with the Welsh Government, particularly the Department for Environment and Sustainability to deliver 'Woodlands for Wales', the Welsh Government's Strategy for Trees and Woodlands, alongside the many other public, private and voluntary partners. The Woodland Strategy Advisory Panel was formed in 2005 to advise the National Committee for Wales on developing forestry policy and the monitoring of the Wales Woodland Strategy.