In this section you should find details of the controls in place and the actions you should take when importing timber or wooden packing materials.These details will include standing regulations and practical help such as forms.

The comprehensive Forestry Commission Plant Health Guide - Importing wood, wood products and bark (FCPH001), highlights the import regulations which apply to the landing of wood, wood products and bark from countries outside the European Union. (added 4 April 2007). Another related Guide - Import inspection fees for wood, wood products and bark (FCPH002), revised in 2011, is also available.

A summary of controlled wood products that require a 'Certificate of Clearance' form PHF28 to be issued by our Plant Health Inspectors to effect the release of a consignment from Customs control is provided in our HMRC / FC Import Control Requirements.  This summary document is particularly useful as a quick 'look up' guide for Importers, Customs Officers, Customs Clearance Agents and Freight Forwarding Agents etc (updated May 2009)

A Registered Trader application pack may be obtained by contacting the Forestry Commission Plant Health Service (see page 14 of the above guide for contact details).  View the Registered forestry trader application form


Imports of Biomass
Plant Health controls apply to a wide range of wood products, including some of those destined for use as biofuel. The following guides below explain the current rules, covering imports both from countries outside the European Union (third countries), as well as consignments originating in other member States.

Both of the above also include notes on exporting firewood and woodchip, including movements to EU Protected Zones within the UK.