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Explore Newtondale Forest
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Newtondale Forest is situated in one of the most spectacular valleys in Yorkshire created when meltwater from an ice age glacier gouged a deep gorge through the hills.

Originally planted as a 'typical' Forestry Commission wood much has been done in recent years to restore the rugged nature of this incredible landscape.

There is no vehicle access into Newtondale Forest. Parking is available across the Level Crossing at Levisham Station and then walk into the forest.

Newtondale Halt is a small 'railway halt' in the heart of Newtondale giving access to the forest and on the moorland. The spectacular scenery combined with the sight and sound of steam locomotives make this a place not to be missed.

Levisham Station is owned by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. The forest can be entered on foot from here or a train taken to Newtondale Halt.

What do other visitors say?

I recently visited Levisham Station and looked for the forestry Car Park but could not find it. Can you clarify this please.

Anonymous, 25/Jul/2013

Hello, thanks for your enquiry, there is a parking area just past the railway crossing at Levisham.

Forestry Commission Response

Why is this page still showing 3 walks when the needle point walk states it is permanently closed?

Anonymous, 24/Jul/2013

Thank you for highlighting this, the information has now been amended.

Forestry Commission Response

Can you cycle the drive on a road bike, or is the drive tarmac? thanks

Anonymous, 10/Jun/2013

Hello, yes, cycling is permitted along the forest drive. The surface is a mixture of tarmac and road stone, it is rough in sections with potholes. If you are looking for an alternative please keep in mind the Forest Drive in Dalby Forest, it was used as a part of the Tour of Britain.

Forestry Commission Response
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