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Sika Walking Trail - Wareham Forest
(Average user rating: 3 unrated 2.2/5)

Grade of Trail:

  • Easy

Length of trail:

2 miles

Trail is currently open


Starting from the Sika trail car park in WarehaDog walkers in Wareham Forestm Forest, Dorset,  enjoy the Scenery of Wareham Forest on foot or by bike by  following the tracked routes through the forest and across the heath.

The trail is  generally flat with a couple of inclines and is suitable for cyclists and walkers of all ages and abilities.

What do other visitors say?

4 Stars 4 Stars

We read about people getting lost and thought what a load of whalleys. After visiting the Sika Trail, I can understand why. We followed the red trail using the posts, only for the red posts to suddenly disappear, the last red post was 30 yards from a T-junction, so when you get to the T-junction, the red posts disappear, so you say to yourself, left or right, so we chose right, wrong, we ended up back where we started, the car park! So we went out again and still couldn't follow the red trail properly. PLEASE, MORE STRATEGICALLY PLACED RED POSTS, THANKS YOU!!!!

Alan Saunders, 20/Jul/2014

Many apologies for any inconvenience. It probably won't help you but we are due to relocate the way marker posts for both the walking and cycling trails in the future. In the meantime we will see what we can do by way of a temporary solution.

Forestry Commission Response
3 Stars 3 Stars

Been in the Wareham Forest 5 times and have got lost twice=Once came across another couple on the A35 who also were lost and were waitng for a taxi home (called using a mobile phone)

'Trailblazer', 3/Dec/2013

Wareham Forest is a fantastic place for walkers and cyclists with plenty of signposts and information boards. It isn't that big that one would require anything other than a sense of direction and the local tourist information guide. I would recommend the Wareham Forest Way guide. It is however, a forest and one can walk a great distance without seeing another person so good footwear, bottled water in the summer and a mobile phone are useful if you plan on venturing out across the heaths. Do not take sleeping bags! It isn't that big that you'll be out there all night!

Richard, 16/Aug/2013
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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Horse riding
  • If you wish to ride on Forestry Commission tracks in Ringwood or Wareham you are required to have a Forestry Commission Riding Permit.
  • Wildlife
  • The Sika Cycle Trail takes its name from the sika deer found in this forest and throughout the county.
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