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Tenders in England

All Forestry Commission tender adverts relating to England or GB are now on the government Contracts Finder website. 

Current England tenders:

  • Helicopter Services for Aerial Surveillance                                                                               Closing date: 31/10/16
  • Plant Health Outbreak Support                                                  Closing date: 03/11/16
  • Chainsaw PPE                                                                           Closing date: 04/11/16
  • Arena toilets and showers for Forest Live concerts                    Closing date: 11/11/16
  • Deer Larder Unit Alice Holt                                                        Closing date: 11/11/16
  • Forest Replanting, Protection and Maintenance in West                                                                                          Closing date: 16/11/16
  • Waste Management Services                                                   Closing date: 18/11/16
  • FM Operations Yorkshire                                                           Closing date: 24/11/16
  • Restock site maintenance Cornwall                                           Closing date: 25/11/16










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Last updated: 24th October 2016