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Compression wood in conifers (Compression Wood)

Darker compression wood revealedSummary

This programme examined the mechanisms of compression wood formation and evaluates how the properties of the raw material in conifers influence the performance of construction timber quality.
Further details about this programme

Research objectives   

The overall objective of the programme was to obtain long-term improvement in the quality of softwood timber products in terms of mechanical properties (strength and stiffness) and geometrical stability (warp, distortion) related to the occurrence of compression wood.  The programme aimed to compile an overall evaluation of the impact of compression wood on the utilisation of softwood timber and suggest solutions to minimise this impact both at the silvicultural and the processing levels. It also incorporated the effect of compression wood into existing tree growth, yield and wood-quality models.
Further details about the research objectives

Funders and partners

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This programme was funded by the European Union - Framework Programme FP5
EU Compression Wood pages

The programme had partners in six countries: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and UK.
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Final report

Front cover
  • Introduction
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Exploitation and Dissemination
  • Policy Related Benefits
  • References
  • Annexes

PDF copy of the report

Forest Research involvement

Forest Research was co-ordinating this project.


The programme started in 2001 and is now completed.


Consultation with the forest products industry to maintain and enhance industrial and commercial relevance was one of the projects main objectives. Please contact the relevant organisation in your home country on the partners page.

Contact within Forest Research (co-ordinating partner):

Elspeth Macdonald

EU contract details

Contract: QLRT-2000-00177, Quality of Life & Management of Living Resources, FP5.